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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

7 Hitting Advice Mistakes

The following are all taken directly from Coach Joe Brockoff and his Super 8 Hitting System.
Misconception #1 - Swing Level - The fact is that one of the
worst mistakes a hitter can make is trying to keep the bat level
as he goes to the pitch.
#2 - Get The Back Elbow Up - If we had to throw a punch,
would we have the elbow up? If so, it would NOT be an
effective punch. The elbow needs to support the hands.
#3 - Stay Back - The proper term here is not to stay back,
but to START BACK. We collect our weight on the backside.
#4 - Squish The Bug - The back foot should not "spin" on the ball
of the foot, the back foot should roll up on the back toe as the
hips rotate toward the pitch.
#5 - Roll The Wrist - The correct way is when a hitter is in contact
with the ball, his top hand is in adduction (like a hammer) under the
bat, and it stays under the bat through extension. Does wrist roll occur?
Yes, when the bat is coming out of extension and is coming around to
the opposite shoulder at the completion of the stroke.
#6 - Get The Hands Away From The Body - This is incorrect! The
fact is that the hands require body support during the hitting stroke.
The farther the hands get away from the body, the weaker the stroke.
#7 - Stride In The Direction Of The Pitch - Stride in the same place
every time, directly ahead, with a 6 inch glide step. It is the
ROTATION of the hips, not the stride, that determines hitting the
inside and outside pitches.
The objective in hitting is to be quick with a compact stroke, making
full use of the body action to support the stroke.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Quick Tips #53 - tag at third on foul ball

Runner on third – always tag up on a foul ball. If the fielder falls after catching it you can score. All runners on all bases should tag on every foul ball. If it's not caught, you have no where to go, if the fly is caught, you may be able to advance or draw a wild throw.

Quick Tips #52 - lead runner

Be aware of the lead runner’s ability – don’t overrun him.

Quick Tips #51 - always tag at third

Runner on third – always tag up on a deep fly ball – even if you think it is a home run always tag up.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quick Tips #50 - catcher, no play at home

Catchers – upon realizing the runner going home will score easily move up on the plate to receive any throw that missed the cutoff man or went through.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quick Tips #49 - opponents arm strength

Use the pre-game warm up determine the arm strength of the opposition’s outfield. It will help you decide when you can attempt to take an extra base.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quick Tips #48 - fair or foul

Never depend on the opposition when trying to find out if the ball is foul. Their objectives are the opposite of yours.